Save Me (Trap Hood)


I want to thank everyone for 2018 that's supported the movement. I decided to release a new track for a free download.

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I want to thank any and everyone who’s ever streamed purchased or even shared my work. As an Artist it takes a lot to produce such work every step of true way from finding the right people and businesses that see your vision as their own. Genuine people because this game is a hard one and takes a lot of sacrifices to build and be legit. I thank you all. Roses 🌹 & Whiskey 🥃 🤘🏾 the concept and meaning is this project is about the ups and downs of life, living life in the fast lane while pretending to be a happy person, the definition of “Roses & Whiskey” is having a positive heart with a negative mindset of not living life to your fullest potential 🌹🥃 and hurting the ones you truly love.

Expected release: February 21, 2018

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