The Story

Artist Name: AG (Alexander Gaither)
Birthplace: Lafayette, LA
Raised:  West Texas
Music: Reality Rap/Hip-hop
Growing up, all over the world, from Germany, and back to the United States, raised in the Great State of Texas growing up, his parents divorced at an early age, coming up living wasn't the average everyday wake up and go to school, as he had ambitions of playing college football, later going professional, that soon was a dream to be a non-reality. His step dad played in a rap group back in the 80’s and build his own home studio, thirteen AG wrote his first rap titled "Going To Miami" but never took rapping seriously, as time moved on life in San Angelo didn't go as planned, soon after realizing it was time to make moves, start a new life, where his life would change drastically, San Antonio is where he found his new life turning for the worst losing his close friend in 2005, then began hanging with the wrong crowd, being around the crowd he was around, he adapted the way of the streets adapting to fast life. Although this wasn't the life he planned; as we wanted to do 20 years in the military. AG or his government "Alex Gaither" was medically retired from the military (May 2013), dealing with PTSD as most soldiers do who have deployed; while having to cope with a disease called "Type 1 Diabetes" and depression. AG found his life self-back to square one. He didn't have much family support; he turned to the only thing that could save him, that was music.

"Music has always been a part of my life, recently I have separated from the military, so I've seen the world, encountered all types of different situations, learning to adapt and have a sense of awareness. My time in taught to be professional with whatever you are doing, even if it’s a hobby or find yourself in a room with important people, this is very important. I've always written songs and poems, trying to get better at my craft and learning how to mix my songs and do hooks, I write how I feel and what I feel, because it’s real, the way I know people can relate to it. I write about songs that still have a story from beginning to end, at the same time, I've learned to have fun with music as whenever to the time is right. I am still learning my way as an artist, I can admit that, you'll see my music grow, and on the scene, soon, it’s about the grind, remember that to those still grinding and hustling, stay on it, success doesn't come easy" As the young MC speaks and continues to gain his respect of the fans; keeping it original is his main goal and grow as an artist.