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Type 1 Album Review !!!! 


Grant wrote: 

If you haven't taken time to tune in with up and coming artist, you should take a Listen to the EP, TYPE 1 by AG who immediately Goes In (Straight Raw Gut w/ range) His narration weaves pure heartfelt fire trials and triumph over precision production, while offering his life's journey of testimonials of losing everything physically, emotionally, almost mentally, being diagnosed and body building back track by track cemented with ferocious hits potentials.... 

Type 1 is a collision of a long self-reflected purged soul coupled with the point blank craftsmanship of AG'S spirit wrestling military
is suppose combating street infused harmonic southern bluesy rider's Beat Bangers ....The result is a hidden jewel EP that is a rare find start to finishing a collection of artistic music that will grip listeners hearing with edgy delight in everyday struggle survive storytelling music....The kind that does is supposed to do and alter vibes and simply relates... 

The head bobbing Dreaming sets it off with AG using meditation to set his demons free and steam rolls into the prayer seeking speaking Heaven over his seed Purple Confession.... AG allows the EP to breathe with lost love's deceptions They Don't Understand.....The Irie Icing production and feature of one of the South's most known LiveSosa hooks the Chilling Sub Zero, Tell Me were he admits he doesn't love'em but respect'em cause he has a daughter. The Ep is crisp with the social tears of October Interlude and the family weighing ties tied up in lost loved ones of Last Breath....If you Open your Ears yours Eyes will be Opened....AG'S music is up next!!!!